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Although the master’s program has been almost completely replaced by the Bachelor-Master-System since the Bologna Reform of 1999 in Europe, a few universities are still sticking to the old study program. If you also study Magister and need help with your MA thesis, our ghostwriters will be there for you as an academic support.

Whether finding a topic, structure or literature research, our experienced specialist authors have successfully completed their academic career and know exactly where you need help with your master’s thesis.

If your maintainer does not have time to answer your questions, or if the charge is getting closer, you can also get a ghostwriter to write a template for your MA thesis.

Magister, diploma, Bachelor or Master?

While the degree Magister Artium (M.A.) is stubbornly above all in the humanities, in the natural sciences despite bachelor and master the diploma is still in the lead.

Since the master’s thesis is the equivalent of a diploma or master’s thesis, the scientific requirements are also correspondingly high.

Depending on the chair, you have 60 to 120 pages to discuss a scientific problem in your subject and demonstrate that you are able to work academically and answer a scientific question.

Since there is no interim degree such as the professional Bachelor, you put everything at the end of the study on the master’s thesis as the last exam.

Our ghostwriters can assist you with every thesis.

Our ghostwriters will help you with your MA thesis

An author of Ghost & Write is characterized first and foremost by versatile experience and extensive knowledge in his field. All ghostwriters have at least one master or equivalent degree, such as a Master or Magister. Not only do they passionately write, they are also proficient in writing academic texts and know the requirements of science.

In consultation with your specialist author, he will create a template for your MA thesis that will allow you to continue working with ease. For any anonymous direct communication with your personal ghostwriter, use our Ghost Space . There you can exchange messages and files around the clock safely and simply.

  • price factors
  • page number
  • processing time
  • subject area
  • Complexity of the topic
  • literature review
  • Empirical work

Provided preliminary work

Each work automatically includes a copy and a plagiarism check.

Thus, we ensure that your master’s thesis corresponds to the formalities and is unique.

Quality at a high level

As a ghostwriting agency, quality is what matters most to us.

Especially the master’s thesis has to be written on a high level and all format specifications must be adhered to.

That’s why we choose our ghostwriters for the master’s thesis wisely.

All authors have at least a Masters degree and many years of experience in writing scientific texts.

As part of the process, quality assurance encompasses the extensive editing process, in which our academic editors pay attention to grammar, spelling and content.

At the end is the plagiarism check, which confirms the uniqueness of your template for the thesis.

Do you still have questions?

Talk to us, together we will find a solution!

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