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In order to perform the scientific presentation confidently, content, structure and tools must be so perfectly coordinated that the lecture itself is just the icing on the cake.

The preparation up to this point takes a lot of time.

If you currently have other university commitments, such as writing seminar papers and attending important lectures, we are happy to assist you in creating your presentation.

Whether you need to prepare the results of a survey or present the first steps of your bachelor thesis in the colloquium – Ghost & Write is the perfect contact person if you want to have your presentation created.

Just contact us, we look forward to your inquiry!

Have a presentation prepared for the thesis

The most important presentation in your academic career is certainly the one for the defense of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. If you already have enough to do with the final thesis, the preparation for the lecture is simply additional work.

Leave us with this scientific adjunct, so that you can concentrate fully on the content of your work.

As you work closely with your personal ghostwriter, you will end up with a scientific presentation exactly what you want it to be.

You then use these for the detailed view of your thesis in the colloquium. If the master’s or bachelor’s thesis has already been submitted, we will also assist you in preparing your presentation for the defense.

A tool for visualizing the presentation

Of course, not only the content, but also the way of presentation contribute to the evaluation. Especially the visual has to be exactly adjusted to your topic.

Presenting in PowerPoint with text, graphics, photos, and videos is certainly the most common way to visualize a presentation today.

But drawing on the whiteboard, an explanation with the aid of a flipchart or the foil on the overhead projector can also liven up and shape the presentation.

Depending on the technical possibilities available to you, our specialist authors work out an extensive presentation that you can use for exactly your presentation situation.

The handout for the audience, which you distribute before the presentation, is of course also part of the range of services of our ghostwriters.

Qualified ghostwriter

Our ghostwriters are not just there to write – as the name implies.

Many of our authors also act as coaches and mentors.

Especially if you want to have a presentation created, it requires an extensive communication.

At what point should something be said and which picture has to be shown and when?

For the exact arrangement we use our Ghost Space .

This allows you to exchange with your specialist author at any time and to upload and download required files.

Our ghostwriters for scientific presentation are experts in their field who have at least a master’s degree themselves.

You know the presentation situation and know about your excitement.

So rely on the best possible support with Ghost & Write.

Speak the talk out loud for you to create a realistic situation.

Schedule several days to practice your scientific presentation.

Stop the time to get a feel for the duration of the presentation.

Keep the presentation in front of friends and family for feedback.

Presentations convince through quality

The quality promise of Ghost & Write counts both for scientific work as well as for the preparation of presentations in your field.

In order to ensure the quality of the content, we only employ selected authors who have extensive knowledge in their field and who have the right expertise for academic work.

In addition, every word written by our ghostwriters will be scrutinized in a detailed review.

Especially in scientific presentations, our lecturers attach great importance to the content stringency and uniformity of the slides.

Are the sources correct? Is the font consistent? Do the pictures and videos match the content?

In the end, you will receive a high-quality template if you want to have your presentation created.

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