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Statistical calculations are today almost indispensable in almost every degree program. Regardless of whether it is psychology, biology or engineering, statistical analysis is now an integral part of almost every subject area.

The basic statistical knowledge is usually taught to students at the beginning of their studies. As a result, this knowledge is often not needed until the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

Only in exceptional cases statistical knowledge is required in chores. In addition, the lecture knowledge is usually only of a theoretical nature and is oriented little on statistical practice problems.

That’s why experienced ghostwriters from Ghost & Write can help you if you need help with your statistical analysis.

Statistical evaluation with know-how and professional software

Various software solutions are available for statistical data analysis. Most commonly used are SPSS, Stata and R Studio. Although the operation of each program is different user-friendly, but they do all the same: they are tools – similar to a calculator – with which mathematically solve problems.

However, as in the case of a calculator, errors can arise in the calculation with such statistics programs. For example, it is easily possible to perform a t-test for a mean value comparison, even if the necessary statistical requirements (eg normal distribution) have not been checked or are not met.

In these and many other pitfalls, our experienced ghostwriters for statistics provide you with the necessary support and expertise.

Quick and easy help for SPSS plagued

The Statistical Package for Social Science, SPSS, is today the most widely used statistics program at many universities. Originally developed for analyzes in the social sciences, it is also popular with medical professionals, psychologists and scientists today.

Compared to Stata and R Studio, SPSS features a comparatively intuitive user interface and allows the import of Excel and Stata files. The operation of SPSS can be done with a pre-script. However, mastering a corresponding scripting language is not a prerequisite for this, because SPSS can alternatively also be used via the operating menu.

Our statistics experts at Ghost & Write are all very familiar with using SPSS, so you get all the support you need for your project.

SPSS compact # 1

SPSS is also extremely powerful on large datasets with many thousands of entries.

SPSS compact # 2

Regardless of whether you import data from Excel or enter it yourself, you should check the correct scaling in the Variable view.

SPSS compact # 3

Meaningful calculations can only be performed in SPSS if the columns contain the respective characteristic (eg size) and the lines contain the observations (eg subjects).

SPSS compact # 4

To use SPSS must be purchased for a fee. However, many universities and colleges have a license that can be used by students.

SPSS compact # 5

Although SPSS provides extensive graphics and charting capabilities, there are graphically more appealing alternatives for rendering data optically.

Statistics help for calculations with Stata

Stata offers its users similar features as SPSS. The possibilities of the calculations are therefore just as demanding, but the user interface of Stata is not quite as intuitive as that of SPSS.

In contrast to SPSS, Stata only allows the import of Excel files. Direct compatibility with SPSS and R Studio does not exist. Even if the operation of Stata is possible via the corresponding menus, it is recommended to master the scripting language on which the statistics program is based. This results in an enormous time savings.

However, learning a scripting language is hard to cope with in addition to the burdens of studying. That’s why our ghostwriters for statistics will be happy to assist with your Stata project.

Stata compact # 1

Stata is a versatile statistics program that already has many functions prefabricated.

Stata compact # 2

Including prescribed scripts is easily possible and greatly speeds up the evaluation.

Stata compact # 3

If you already have experience with other statistics programs like SPSS, you will find your way around Stata quickly.

Stata compact # 4

The use of Stata is subject to a charge. If necessary, your university will help you here with a license.

Stata compact # 5

Although the operation is possible even without knowledge of the scripting language, in practice such knowledge is advantageous.

Professional help with statistics with R Studio

Anyone who has ever worked in the application of R Studio, will hardly want to use other programs for the future evaluation. Also in R Studio, the most common calculation methods such as correlations, regressions and descriptive statistics are already implemented prefabricated.

The biggest challenge of R Studio is that it only has its own scripting language to use. Without appropriate knowledge of this language, no evaluations are possible. However, this is outweighed by the advantage that no other program such individual and visually appealing diagrams and plots can be created.

The statistics experts at Ghost & Write combine all of these skills, so we’re happy to take on the evaluation of your project with R Studio.

R Studio compact # 1

The functionality of R Studio is similar to that of the other two programs.

R Studio Compact # 2

Data can be easily imported and edited from Excel, SPSS and Stata.

R Studio Compact # 3

As long as no commercial use is sought, the use of R Studio is free.

R Studio Compact # 4

R Studio is especially suitable for creating statistical graphics.

R Studio Compact # 5

Mastery of the scripting language of R Studio is a prerequisite for the operation of the program.

Ghost & Write offers unified statistical advice and help

Regardless of which software is used to evaluate your data – the ghostwriting statistics of our ghostwriting agency will be at your side with help and advice. Our friendly and competent service is available from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm by phone. Contact your personal contact person at any time directly and anonymously via our Ghost Space , your virtual office. With over six years of experience in ghostwriting, editing, coaching and statistics, we know how to help you with your project. When do we begin?

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